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Printed from I was just handed a veritable treasure trove of C++17 features by my colleague from the Microsoft team. This is what I came up with: Note that most of these features are on their way to C++20. The others are either in C++20 or their status is too unclear to say which way they’ll go. I also assume that all the new features will be available in GCC and Clang, if not in all compilers, at least in the near future. I also note that some of the features might be restricted by some of the compilers, such as C++20’s alias templates, default template arguments, and the concept-enabled algorithms. Note that I only show the ones that can be used safely in the wild. My personal favorite is probably concepts (for the intrepid ones only). Please note that there is a lot of good features that are not covered by this list. C++17 features that you probably won’t use These are not safe to use as a beginner. Implicit conversion sequences (explicitly or implicitly) C++17 came with a special kind of conversion. It’s so called implicit conversion sequences. These are a lot like user-defined conversion sequences (user-defined). However, there is no user-defined conversion sequence that converts from float to int, for example. What you can do is this: void f(int i) { std::cout void f(T t) { std::cout




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